Wednesday, August 21, 2013

My Secret Brooklyn

Not to far from my home in Brooklyn there is the cutest little neighborhood. It is chock full of little restaurants and beautiful homes that date as far back as when the borough well?...became a borough. Today me and my friend Saba (pronounced Seb-ba) checked out the new little french crepes place on the block. Not only was it delicious, there was also a little vintage shop in the back curated by the owner's wife. France and old stuff? I was in heaven. after our wonderful meal we perused the neighborhood and found an authentic Japanese styled cottage, RIGHT HERE IN BROOKLYN! We strolled the tree lined blocks looking and admiring this beautiful neighborhood. Needless to say we had a splendid day!

Today I tried a little wave with my straight bangs 

Savory Crepe

Sweet crepe

Vintage store in a restaurant? Bliss!

This wall? Random find

Saba and her cute style

Japan in BK

One of the original street signs, still there!


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