Saturday, August 31, 2013

Sunday Best

Sunday Best

Zara dress / Zara dress / Zara black dress / Zara black shoes / Charlotte Russe skull bracelet / Blu Bijoux gold jewelry



Red cardigan / Zara black top / Forever 21 petite black jeans / Chelsea Crew high heel ankle strap shoes / 3.1 Phillip Lim cobalt blue purse / BaubleBar stretch bracelet / BaubleBar pendant jewelry

Brooklyn Living

Adding some sweetness to my boudoir

I have recently become obsessed with vintage suitcases. I found some on but before I could even order them I came across some really cute ones at Home Goods (my home away from home). So I brought them home and tried to figure out what to do with them? And it dawned on me, they're suitcases! I should fill them with stuff! And that's exactly what I did. I placed one on my night stand next to my bed and gave the other one to my mom. She also filled hers with stuff too, jewelry and it's such a beautiful display.

I also have been working on a gallery wall in my bedroom (obsession #2). I recently turned my dressmakers mannequin into a necklace holder (R.I.P design dreams) and have been looking for a way to accentuate it. So once again, Home goods to the rescue! I found some shabby chic frames and hung some with pictures and some without. And I'm now in love with my wall and I stare at it all day, which might not be the healthiest thing to do, lol.

That's my Grandma!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Autumn In New York

I love Autumn in New York! The leaves are changing, the air is getting crisp and last autumn I took a few photos in what has become my favorite outfit. Summer is ending and I can't wait to wear all of these pieces again!

My Bauble are here!

The other day I received my first Bauble Bar purchase and I could not be happier! I've got a new fav and even the packaging was cute!

I pared the white one with my blue and pink F21 necklaces to make my own statement, perfect match! 

My Favorite Bauble Bar finds

Thursday, August 22, 2013


I love randomly finding clothing sites. This morning I web-stumbled upon OHEMA- OHENE the african design site based in London. And they ship internationally!! Here's my O/O wish list:

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

My Secret Brooklyn

Not to far from my home in Brooklyn there is the cutest little neighborhood. It is chock full of little restaurants and beautiful homes that date as far back as when the borough well?...became a borough. Today me and my friend Saba (pronounced Seb-ba) checked out the new little french crepes place on the block. Not only was it delicious, there was also a little vintage shop in the back curated by the owner's wife. France and old stuff? I was in heaven. after our wonderful meal we perused the neighborhood and found an authentic Japanese styled cottage, RIGHT HERE IN BROOKLYN! We strolled the tree lined blocks looking and admiring this beautiful neighborhood. Needless to say we had a splendid day!

Today I tried a little wave with my straight bangs 

Savory Crepe

Sweet crepe

Vintage store in a restaurant? Bliss!

This wall? Random find

Saba and her cute style

Japan in BK

One of the original street signs, still there!


Coming of age

Here's a coming of age story for you. As a female all of my years thus far have been spent obsessing over fashion (clothing, bags, hair). I remember even shedding multiple tears as a young teen when my parents refused to support my fashion habit. But all the crying in the world didn't convince them that a girl in Junior high school needed a LV bag. Although clothing, bags and hair have always been important to me I've never really been into nails and shoes. My sister, now that's one shoe/ nails obsessed women. But I was always fine with a few pairs of shoes and a basic clear polish. But low and behold there has been a spring awakening (well summer awakening). This summer with nothing but teacher vacation time on my hands I really got into shoes (heels of all things!) and nail art. I have literally been changing my nail color from week to week and loving it. I never consider myself "that kind of woman" but I am now and loving it. That just goes to show it's never too late to change, grow and discover something new about yourself. P.S oddly enough I also discovered I now like garlic and onions?? (formally hated).

I even gave my niece a glam mani

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Food Crush!

Two of my favorite things to eat are burgers and ramen. So imagine my delight when I heard that there had been a delicious marriage of the two. Yes, friends there is a ramen burger in existence and my mouth is watering at the thought of trying it. Word on the street is that it's sold every weekend at Smorgasburg in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. With that said, I know where I'm headed! Hope to see you there!

                                                                   Read about it here

Monday, August 19, 2013

My Mod crush

I've been having an on again/ off again relationship with for the past few years. Some seasons it's like they read my mind and design their clothes accordingly. Other seasons I'm baffled as to who's their target demographic. Needless to say we are currently on again and going strong and I've got the wish list to prove it. Here are a few items I'm crushing hard on for my fall wardrobe.

This one is so Jessica Day
I'm all about the cozy in Fall

My teacher uniform: Pretty tops and skinny jeans
I probably had a top like this in grade school

I'm still a sucker for chevron

No caption needed! look at the fit!

I've gotten into heels this month like never before, WANT!
                                                               Find them all here