Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Coming of age

Here's a coming of age story for you. As a female all of my years thus far have been spent obsessing over fashion (clothing, bags, hair). I remember even shedding multiple tears as a young teen when my parents refused to support my fashion habit. But all the crying in the world didn't convince them that a girl in Junior high school needed a LV bag. Although clothing, bags and hair have always been important to me I've never really been into nails and shoes. My sister, now that's one shoe/ nails obsessed women. But I was always fine with a few pairs of shoes and a basic clear polish. But low and behold there has been a spring awakening (well summer awakening). This summer with nothing but teacher vacation time on my hands I really got into shoes (heels of all things!) and nail art. I have literally been changing my nail color from week to week and loving it. I never consider myself "that kind of woman" but I am now and loving it. That just goes to show it's never too late to change, grow and discover something new about yourself. P.S oddly enough I also discovered I now like garlic and onions?? (formally hated).

I even gave my niece a glam mani

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