Saturday, September 28, 2013

My Little Paris

   There are many things I love in life and Paris is at the top of my list. I think the love affair began long ago and I can't pinpoint exactly when I fell for it? I guess it began when I began babysitting for two lovely French families here in New York. I was so intrigued by their language, culture, life-style I just love everything about them. I also think classic films had a thing or two to do with it? I love, love Audrey Hepburn in Charade and Diana Ross in Mahogany. Although Diana didn't venture to Paris, Rome and it's beauty was seductive enough to make me long for a european holiday. I always thought I'd have a group of friend that would want to plan amazing world adventures with me. But, I just had friends that were happy to stay put in Brooklyn? I always thought I'd meet a great guy and we'd travel the world together. But, that great guy has yet to come along. I wanted Paris and I wanted it bad, but I waited and waited and days turned into months that turned into years. Prior to going to Paris I had only been on an airplane twice in my life and at the maximum length of 4 hour. So when one of the families I babysat for moved back to Paris and extended an open invitation to me, I thought maybe one day. Fast forward a few MORE years and I found my self in the perfect finical position to take the big trip, and free room and board was a great incentive. I connected with my old friends and said yes to one of the best experiences of my life! It was me alone on a seven hour flight to a place I've only dreamed of going. 

   When my taxi finally reached the city of Paris I peered out of the window like a kid in a candy store. I arrived at the beautiful home of my friends near Bastille. I was shown to my room on the top floor, I looked out of the window and there stood the Eiffel tower in all of her beauty. I had a overwhelming since of being home in this place I'd only dreamed about visiting. I spent the next three weeks wandering around the streets during the day and discovering magical parisian things. On the weekends I'd spend time with the family and lived as real Parisians do. I also had many amazing conversations with my friend's mother who was 70 years old and was born and raised in Paris. It's great to go to a city and be a tourist, but for me my favorite thing about my first trip to paris was getting to know and experiencing life with the people who live there. Moral of the story? Take the leap, trip, adventure! If you have to go it alone, just do it! (Nike). You'll end up having an amazing time and memorable trip!

My cute little Parisian bathroom

Steak Frits was my go to meal

Gelato at Versailles

Angelina's paris

This desert was called the Paris New Yorker! Perfect!

My friends hosted a pizza party for me

This was my neighborhood for 3 weeks

Here's the beautiful apartment I stayed in

On the weekends we'd go to the local outdoor market and get fresh fruit and veggies for the week

Here I am in my room writing post cards

On sundays we'd take walks around Bastille, I took lots of pictures

The Seine was not far from the apartment

Having lunch one day a guy arrived in this little car

Galleries Lafayette

Windmills in Monmarte

I love this place! I have spent many of nights browsing books and listening to customers take their turn on the piano upstairs.

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