Saturday, June 29, 2013


I actually wish I was more of an avid reader then I am, but a last I'm not. Nowadays for three seasons of the year all of my reading material is required by school. But I do make time to fill my ever growing personal library so that when summer rolls around I'll have a great selection to play catch-up with. Here are a few books I'm loving right now. 

I love the idea of a coloring book for adults. This one is AMAZING! 

Tavi is one of my bff's in my head. Needless to say she's probably 15 years my junior, this girl is cool personified. I love her style and no matter how old I am I always want to know what the cool kids are doing.

If you haven't experienced people's pops you are truly missing out on pops perfection! Their the best pops on the east coast and when I heard that they had made a recipe book I had to have it.

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